Dec. 17, 2013: Will completed a whirlwind tour of Scandinavia, visiting Chalmers University of Technology, Denmark Technical University, and Oslo University, and enjoying the excellent holiday spirits there!

Oct. 30: Yiyang gave a presentation at the Electrochemical Society meeting in San Francisco: “Rate Dependence of the Actively Intercalating Particles in Lithium Iron Phosphate”.

Oct. 29: Will presents the group’s work on point defects on fluorite and perovskite oxide surfaces at the International Symposium on Defects, Transport and Related Phenomena, as part of the MS&T conference in Montreal.

Oct. 18: The Chueh group is expanding! We welcome graduate students Antonio Baclig, Zixuan Guan, Will Gent, and Nadia Ahlborg. We also welcome postdoc Kevin Stone.

Oct. 5: Will gave invited talks at the ACS Western Regional Conference and at the Advanced Light Source Users Meeting, highlighting the group’s work on using X-rays to probe electrochemically-active materials. David and Yiyang also presented posters on spectroscopy and imaging of fuel cell and battery materials.

Sep. 10: A big thanks to all of the summer students working at the Chueh lab: Ian, Sophie, Colvin, Jing, Reuban, and last but not least Sebastian, a junior from Belmont High School. 

Sep. 8: The group enjoys a well-deserved break in Monterey Bay. The highlight of the trip was kayaking in Elkhorn Slough! Thanks, Mike, for organizing!

Sep. 4: Will visits Michigan- Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Ford.

Sep. 1: The Chueh group receives funding from the National Science Foundation to develop new materials for elevated-temperature solar fuel generation.

Aug. 23: Together with the Sinclair group, we will start a new project on high-resolution electron imaging of electro-catalysts, supported by Stanford’s Precourt Institute for Energy!

Aug. 19: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology funds the in-situ battery imaging research at the Chueh group!

Aug. 12: The Chueh and Melosh groups receive a grant from Stanford’s Global Climate Energy Program to develop high-efficiency water-splitting membranes.

Jul. 22: The Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop at the University of Heidelberg was a big success! Special thanks to the co-organizers Thomas Carraro, Francesco Ciucci, and Giuliano Gregori. Stay tuned for the 2014 workshop which will be held in California.

Jul. 19: Will gives a seminar on operando electrochemistry at the University of Gießen. Thanks Prof. Janek for his excellent hospitality.

Jul. 11: Xiaofei and John’s paper on elevated-temperature photo-electrochemical water-splitting is published in PCCP. Congratulations!

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The Chueh Group explores efficient electrochemical routes for converting solar energy to chemical fuels and subsequently to electricity. The group also develops next-generation electrochemical energy storage materials.

We take a rational approach towards materials discovery and optimization. Using powerful electron, X-ray and optical microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, we visualize electrochemical reactions as they take place on length scales ranging from tens of microns down to sub-nm. These fundamental observations, combined with atomistic- and continuum-level models, lead to new insights into the design of functional materials with novel compositions and structures. We utilize a wide range of solution, vapor and solid-state routes to create high-performance electrochemical devices, such as photo-electrochemical cells, fuel cells, electrolyzers and metal-air batteries.

We have openings for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Join us to work on cutting-edge topics in electrochemical energy conversion and storage. Please contact Will Chueh for more details.