The Chueh Group explores efficient electrochemical routes for converting solar energy to chemical fuels and subsequently to electricity. The group also develops next-generation electrochemical energy storage materials.

We take a rational approach towards materials discovery and optimization. Using powerful electron, X-ray and optical microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, we visualize electrochemical reactions as they take place on length scales ranging from tens of microns down to sub-nm. These fundamental observations, combined with atomistic- and continuum-level models, lead to new insights into the design of functional materials with novel compositions and structures. We utilize a wide range of solution, vapor and solid-state routes to create high-performance electrochemical devices, such as photo-electrochemical cells, fuel cells, electrolyzers and metal-air batteries.


Unusual many-particle effects in phase-separating battery electrodes revealed by local current density mapping

Stanford press release
Article published in Nature Materials

Understanding the reaction pathway and rate-limiting steps in ceria-based fuel cells and electrolyzers

Stanford press release

Article published in Nature Communications

TedX talk on a new approach for storing solar energy

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Sep. 14, 2014: Yiyang’s work on unusual active  population effects in phase-separating battery electrodes is published in Nature Materials! Read the Stanford/SLAC press release here.

Aug. 19: A big thanks to Prof. Francesco Ciucci and colleagues for organizing the first HKUST-Caltech fuel cell symposium held in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Aug. 18: Yiyang gives an invited presentation at the International Materials Research Congress in Cancun, Mexico on his paper recently accepted for publication in Nature Materials!

Aug. 2: Will visits the solid-state ionics group in Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, and enjoyed excellent food, hot spring, and hospitality from hosts Prof. Amezawa and Kawada!

July. 21: Will chairs a session at the Gordon Conference on Ceramics held in Mt. Holyoke College. Will also presented the group’s solid-oxide fuel cell research at the Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance Workshop in Pittsburgh.

July 13: The Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Applications Conference, organized by Prof. Yildiz (MIT) and Prof. Skinner (Imperial College, London) was a huge success. Will gave a presentation on Albert’s cerium oxide electrocatalysis work.

July 9: Congratulations Albert for publishing his ceria surface electrochemistry work in Nature Communications! See press release from Stanford, which was featured on the Stanford home page! 

Jul. 8: The Chueh group organizes the fourth annual Electrochemistry Workshop in Monterey, California. Yiyang, Will Gent, and David co-organized the workshop with Will, and hosted about 35 colleagues from the US, Europe and Asia.

June 15: A huge congratulation to Xiaofei for winning the Cutler Shepard Award for Outstanding Graduate Receiving Master of Science Degree in Materials Science & Engineering! Way to go, Xiaofei!

May 26: Will & David travels to Lille, France to attend the European Materials Research Society Meeting. They presented on the group’s in-situ electrochemistry work on ceria and perovskite oxides, respectively.

May 20: Will visits The Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and gave a presentation on Yiyang’s lithium iron phosphate battery research.

May 10: The Chueh group’s solar fuel research is featured at the TedX @ Stanford!

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Surface oxygen anions undergo redox in perovskite electrocatalysts

Stanford press release
Article published in Nature Communications