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Dr. Will Gent

Will was born in Switzerland and grew up in London, moving to the US to study at Cornell University, where he worked with Professor Geoff Coates on synthesizing solid polymer electrolytes for Li metal batteries. Will graduated in 2013 with a B.A in Chemistry, moving to Stanford after spending the summer road tripping around the US with high school friends. Will joined the Chueh group shortly after, and his research focuses on understanding and improving the structural and electrochemical properties of oxygen redox, a promising tool for increasing the energy density of lithium ion batteries. Now in his 5th year, Will is also working on developing a new lithium ion battery design that allows for easy and cost-effective recycling without destroying the cell components. Outside of the lab, Will likes to travel; during his PhD he has visited Korea and China for the first time, and has travelled around the US with friends and his brother, who lives in New York. Will also plays soccer and guitar, and enjoys surfing, hiking, and snowboarding.