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Georgia Nieh headshot
Mentee Experience: Georgia Nieh

Summer 2019 - High School Intern

Despite not knowing Python or knowing much about Li-ion batteries before coming into the lab, working with the Chueh group was the most enjoyable learning experience I’ve had to date. I felt extremely supported by my wonderful mentors throughout my time in the lab, but I also had room to explore and tackle challenges on my own. Beyond providing an opportunity to dive into some of the complexities that make Li-ion batteries so exciting to work with, my internship allowed me to gain practical lab experience and to practice analyzing data and communicating my findings effectively: skills that have been invaluable in my academic endeavors.

Mentee Experience: Wunmi O Akiniemibola

Summer 2020 - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

I joined the Chueh Lab as a Materials Science REU student the summer after my junior year. My project was to work on a model for predicting melting points for quinone-based molecules. Not only was my project challenging and engaging, but everyone in my subgroup and the larger lab was supportive of me and made me feel welcomed. The MatSci REU program itself was also a wonderful experience. It was helpful for everything from networking and finding an internship to imposter syndrome. 10/10 would recommend.

Mentee Experience: Ana De La Fuente Durán

Summer 2020 - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

When I was first accepted to the SURF program at Stanford, I was both very excited and extremely intimidated. Coming from a state school and a minority student background, the thought of going to an ivy league institution and joining a research group that worked in a field with which I had absolutely zero experience was terrifying. I felt like I was representing Mexican immigrants at large, and the pressure that I put on myself as a result was immense. However, the faculty and staff affiliated with SURF were extremely welcoming and helpful with the transition to Stanford for the summer, and my overall interactions with the Chueh group were very positive. Thanks to the great mentoring I received from a few postdocs in the group, I completed SURF having learned a lot about large-scale energy storage, electrochemistry, and pulsed laser deposition. Perhaps more importantly though, my experience also helped me learn extensively about how to adapt in a new environment, how to communicate effectively, and how to begin moving past my own preconceptions of what made someone a valuable member of the scientific community.

Mentee Experience: Sebastian Galvis

Summer 2013 - RISE High School Intern

I recently completed my bachelors of science in chemistry from Portland State University this last June but do not currently have a job in the field. I do owe a lot of my interest in science and research to the internship I had within the Chueh group back when I was a junior in high school. Seeing the commitment that my mentor, Yiyang, had for his research and his willingness to teach me how proper research was conducted and reported at the same time was amazing to me at the time. I'm thankful that Dr. Chueh gave me, a high school student with zero research experience, the opportunity to learn from some of the best and drive my interest in doing something similar.

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Mentee School/University

2021 Summer-Current Isabel Davidoff Swati Narasimhan, Justin Rose Effects of Formation Cycling and Electrolyte Additives on Solid Electrolyte Interphase Passivation, Composition, and Kinetics UG REU Stanford University
2021 Summer-Current Xiaomian Yang Emma Kaeli   UG REU Stanford University
2021 Summer Erik Kersenbrock Vivek Lam Post-Mortem Electric Vehicle Battery Characterization UG REU Stanford University
2021 Winter, Spring, Fall Angela Xie Justin Rose Understanding SEI Formation on the Negative Electrode via Electrochemical Measurements UG   Stanford University
2020 Summer - Fall Wunmi Akinlemibola Devi Ganapathi Predicting the Melting Points of Quinone-Based Molecules from Molecular Structure and Crystal Data UG REU Stanford University
2019 Summer Georgia Nieh Emma Kaeli, Eddie Barks Impact of Operating Pressure on Shorting in Li-Metal Thiophosphate Solid State Batteries HS   Castilleja School
2018 Summer Ana De La Fuente Durán Christoph Baeumer, Tyler Mefford Synthesis and characterization of oxide electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reactions in electrolysis cells UG REU Pennsylvania State University
2018 Summer Lydia Chan Di Chen, Zixuan Guan Atomically-controlled electrocatalysts for fuel cells UG (entering)   Troy High School, Stanford University
2018 Summer Tanya Jomaa Norman Jin, Dean Deng Electrochemistry of lithium titanate electrodes for lithium-ion batteries HS   Troy High School
2018 Summer to 2018-19 and 2019-20 Academic Year Eder Lomeli Norman Jin Synthesis of well-faceted platelets for lithium-ion batteries UG REU Stanford University
2017 Summer to 2017-18 Academic Year Nathan Kong Antonio Baclig Pressurizing room temperature liquid metals increases contact area for an improved redox flow battery UG REU Stanford University
2017 Summer Zi Yang Norman Jin Early Prediction Model for Fast Charging of Li-Ion Batteries UG   University of Michigan
2017 Summer Michael Chen Peter Attia, Norman Jin Battery Cell Informatics UG   Stanford University
2016 Summer Ge Zhang Chirranjeevi Balaji Gopal Impedance Spectroscopy Simulation of MIEC Materials UG UGVR Tsinghua University
2016 Summer Rachel Lee Yiyang Li   UG   National Chiao Tung University
2016 Summer Evan Carlson Antonio Baclig Improving Efficiency of Liquid Metal Battery via Supported Thin-Film Ceramics UG REU Stanford University
2015 Summer Hansen Wang Michael Machala Samarium-Doped Ceria Modified Lanthanum Strontium Manganite Thin Film as Cathode for SOFC UG UGVR Tsinghua University
2015 Summer Klarisse Andre de St. Amant Andrey Poletayev Temperature Dependence of the Standard Potential (dE/dT) for Single Ring Quinones HS   Troy High School
2014 Summer to 2015 Academic Year Norman Jin Yiyang Li Hydrothermal synthesis of lithium iron phosphate UG REU Stanford University
2014 Summer Zhanlue "Jim" Yang Albert Feng Electrical characterization of Pr-doped CeO_{2-x} thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition UG UGVR Tsinghua University
2014 Summer Alex Lubkin Nadia Ahlborg   UG   Stanford University
2014 Summer Namita Nabar Madhur Boloor Effect of Cobalt Content on Performance of Photoelectrochemical Cells HS   Troy High School
2014 Summer & 2015 Summer Farbod Moghadam David Mueller, Yiyang Li Lithium Iron Phosphate Synthesis at Varying Hydrothermal Temperatures HS   Saratoga High School
2013-2014 Academic Year Natalie Luu Xiaofei Ye Elevated-Temperature Water Splitting UG   Stanford University
2013 Summer Sebastian Galvis Yiyang Li   HS RISE  
2013 Summer Ruben Buchillon Michael Machala   UG   Stanford University
2013 Summer Ian Graham David Mueller   UG   Stanford University
2013 Summer Ivan Leung David Mueller   UG   Stanford University
2013 Summer Jing Yang Xiaofei Ye Temperature Effects on Heterojunction for Solar Water Splitting UG UGVR Peking University
2013 Summer to 2013-14 Academic Year Sophie Meyer Yiyang Li Effects of Particle Size, Electronic Connectivity, and Incoherent Nanoscale Domains on the Sequence of Lithiation in LiFePO 4 Porous Electrodes UG   Stanford University
2013 Summer Colvin Wang Yezhou Shi Optimization of Growth Conditions for Electrocatalyst Cerium Oxide Thin Films for Applications in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells UG   University of Virginia