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  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy)

    Stanford University, in collaboration with the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher related to the development of advanced methods of x-ray microscopy analysis of energy materials. The research group of Prof. William Chueh has an extensive research program in the field of energy storage materials which includes the study of nanoscale chemical phases using x-ray microscopy.  This position serves as the lead of microscopy efforts and will implement operando sample environments, ptychographic imaging and other modalities involving x-rays or electrons as needed. The Advanced Light Source is a world leader in x-ray microscopy and has considerable resources dedicated to microscopy of energy materials.
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (Novel Battery Cathode Material Synthesis & Exploration)

    The Chueh group is currently seeking a postdoctoral researcher to lead a new research effort exploring novel positive electrode compositions and structures for lithium ion batteries that have been targeted as a result of recent fundamental studies on oxygen redox within the group. The scientist will utilize synthesis and automated process equipment to assemble and optimize ~100g synthesis capabilities, utilizing facilities at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Intended outcomes of the research are patents, publications, and industrial adoption. This role represents a unique opportunity to gain industry-level R&D experience while working on an ambitious new synthesis project in a creative, flexible academic setting.