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Funding Opportunities & Financial Support

If you are interested joining the Chueh Group, please review this list of resources available for applicants. This list includes resources for high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-doc students who are seeking financial assistance for application, moving, stipends, and research.

Post-Doc Openings

Most post-docs in the Chueh Group (currently, over 85%) do not join the lab by way of a job posting for a specific project, but instead find or develop a project after joining. The Chueh Group has benefited immensely from the diverse skill sets and backgrounds of our members, and we encourage anyone interested in joining the lab to fill out this form to express your interest and provide some information about yourself, used to provide a holistic approach to our post-doc hiring process.

We further encourage applicants to review the list of resources available to applicants and new members.

Despite having hired the majority of our post-doctoral researchers without a specific posting, we do have some more specific postings for ongoing projects below. Within our interest form, you may indicate your interest in one of these more specific projects.

Post-Doctoral Researcher (Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy)

Stanford University, in collaboration with the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher related to the development of advanced methods of x-ray microscopy analysis of energy materials. The research group of Prof. William Chueh has an extensive research program in the field of energy storage materials which includes the study of nanoscale chemical phases using x-ray microscopy.  This position serves as the lead of microscopy efforts and will implement operando sample environments, ptychographic imaging and other modalities involving x-rays or electrons as needed. The Advanced Light Source is a world leader in x-ray microscopy and has considerable resources dedicated to microscopy of energy materials.

Doctoral Researcher Recruitment

We highly encourage you to visit our Q&A document (you must be logged in with your Stanford e-mail), informally put together by lab members to give admitted PhD students a good idea of what the process is like and how that can vary person to person.

We actively seek applicants from a diversity of undergraduate backgrounds to conduct their PhD research within our group. We encourage anyone interested in joining the lab to apply to the Materials Science PhD program - our department takes a holistic approach to admissions and values those from all backgrounds. Traditionally, once admitted the process of joining a Materials Science lab begins in September of each year. Below is an outline of the general process by which members join our lab, although the process varies depending on the applicants’ interests and limitations.

  • Typically, students will reach out to Will with their interest anywhere from late spring (June) to the first week of classes (September). He will send you information on how to join group meetings, meet with group members, and learn about our group.
  • Most students meet with Will several times during the fall, talking about what inspires them, their background and some research ideas. These meetings help Will gauge how you think critically and creatively. Students will often meet with the group’s students and postdocs to talk both about research and to get to know each other personally.
  • If you started the process of meeting and brainstorming with Will in early September, he will likely make decisions about taking on students by December 1st. Different students are on different schedules - some students join in the summer, late October, or mid spring quarter. No need to panic if you find that you are not following the traditional schedule.

We further encourage applicants to review the list of resources available to applicants and new members.

Masters, Undergraduate, or High School Researcher

Masters or Undergraduate Researcher

Please see our ongoing list of MS and UG research projects here. Reach out to the listed potential mentors for any project that interests you. Note that projects change rapidly, so you may find mentors no longer need mentees or that their project has changed since its posting. We encourage you to try again if a project is no longer available!

High School Researcher

Coming soon - we are developing an internal high school researcher internship program. If you are interested in pursuing an internship with us next summer, we still encourage you to reach out to Will so we can update you as our program develops. We further encourage applicants to review the list of resources available to applicants and new members.